You are worthy of living a life that lights you UP and fills your SOUL!


It all begins with YOU!
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Did you know that you can live intentionally, powerfully & be a strong feminine leader ALL WITHOUT compromising your wellbeing, your health, your family and your financial abundance?

Yup, it's a thing! Let's make it happen for you!


You were born for something MAGNIFICENT!

And every time you mask your pain with busyness, stimulants, pain-killers & distractions, you are creating a deeper disconnect between mind, body, emotions & soul. I'm here to help you reactive these pathways, reconnect to your body as a WHOLE and live your life fulfilled & well! 


Let's Get To It Girl



You're a conscious human being seeking balance in your food, fitness, fun and relationships. Here you will learn from wellness experts, lifestyle gurus and amazing entrepreneurs to guide you along this journey to live a lifestyle that is Holistic, Happy and Healthy every single day.



You're in your mid-30's, you've found great success in your career, your relationships & your finances, you've pretty much achieved every goal you thought you would by this point...and yet...there's something missing. It's as if there's this core component of you that has yet to be discovered & you have no idea where to even begin.

Uncovering THAT is my speciality! I call it Divine Feminine Empowerment. And you my dear, deserve to experience it!



Our vision is to awaken women through global community to raise our vibrations and have a healing impact on this planet. We aim to fulfill each woman's desire to belong to a community while honouring her need to learn, grow and evolve within the safety of authentic sisterhood.


Want To Bring Holistic Living To Your Community?

In 2018 my goal is to bring intimate Holistic Living Workshops to communities all across British Columbia. If you are ready to surround yourself with a high vibe community of support, the first step is to help your community grow & evolve.

Send me an email and we can chat about what workshop would serve your tribe best!

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--> Manifest Your Dreams <--


I've had the absolute privilege of writing for, hosting at or presenting with these fabulous organizations & events!

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Deanna is an excellent coach. She’s very professional and creates a safe place for you to dive deep within yourself. She is very intuitive...[and has] this truly nurturing energy that makes you feel safe and worthy.
— Vanessa
Sitting down with Deanna is like inhaling a breath of fresh air! She is positive, light, and bright. At the same time you feel that you are in a safe place to go deep. You are in good hands.
— Leah