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Hey You!

Just in case we haven’t met yet, my name is Deanna & I am an Intuitive Life Coach, Retreat Host & Inspirational Speaker.

If you’re in need of a little inspiration right now to come back to your purpose,
watch the video below.


I’m also a dog mama, sunshine lover, spiritual teacher
& woman on a mission!

I believe you are worthy of living a life that lights you UP and fills your SOUL!

& so, here is my free gift to you; a guided meditation to connect you to the deepest parts of yourself, in order to stand tall & SHINE!


Did you know that you can live intentionally, powerfully & be a strong feminine leader ALL WITHOUT compromising your wellbeing, your health, your family and your financial abundance?


You were born for something MAGNIFICENT!

And every time you mask your pain with busyness, stimulants, pain-killers & distractions, you are creating a deeper disconnect between mind, body, emotions & soul. I'm here to help you reactive these pathways, reconnect to your body as a WHOLE and live your life fulfilled & well! 

Let's Get To It Girl



You're a conscious human being seeking balance in your food, fitness, fun and relationships. Here you will learn from wellness experts, lifestyle gurus and amazing entrepreneurs to guide you along this journey to live a lifestyle that is Holistic, Happy and Healthy every single day.



You're in your mid-30's, you've found great success in your career, your relationships & your finances, you've pretty much achieved every goal you thought you would by this point...and yet...there's something missing. It's as if there's this core component of you that has yet to be discovered & you have no idea where to even begin.

Uncovering THAT is my speciality! I call it Divine Feminine Empowerment. And you my dear, deserve to experience it!



Our vision is to awaken women through global community to raise our vibrations and have a healing impact on this planet. We aim to fulfill each woman's desire to belong to a community while honouring her need to learn, grow and evolve within the safety of authentic sisterhood.


Want To Bring Holistic Living To Your Community?

I absolutely LOVE being with a community of human beings who are seeking growth, development & change. It is my honour to have the “gift of the gab” and be one of the rare few who shin even brighter when in the spotlight. If you’d like to add a richness to your retreat, workshop or event by inviting me to speak to your audience, simply send me an & email & we can discuss.

I am also available to teach yoga classes, intimate holistic living workshops & more.

I recently attended Deanna’s Manifest your Dreams Workshop. As a fellow coach who believes in constantly doing your own work with other leaders I HIGHLY recommend this short workshop and Deanna as a Coach and Leader for the valuable work that she is doing in the world.
Her loving, electric energy is welcoming and powerful and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to empower and partner with an Intuitive Life Coach to source your power and intuition so that you can create your life exactly as you want it.

I've had the absolute privilege of writing for, hosting at or presenting with these fabulous organizations & events!

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...I was stuck in past goals, stagnant and very very confused...I went from being a full-time working mom who was exhausted from night shifts, to a full-time Photographer working with amazing clients and with people who SERIOUSLY inspire me. My life is filled with happiness, success and purpose! The money was the best use of money I have spent and I have earned it back multiple times through the progress I have made!
— Ashly Narula, British Columbia, Canada
Deanna is an amazing coach. She is a beautiful soul who can truly support you when you need it. She creates space for you to explore whatever is bothering you and empowers you to be the best version of yourself! Thank you Deanna, you are a treasure in my life!
— Paulina Roach, New Zealand