You. Are. AMAZING!!

I know that you are SO READY for your intimate Rebirth into this world, recreating who you show up as & how you exist. In the next 3 months you are going to reemerge as the most potent, most powerful, most divinely connected version of your Badass Self!! You are choosing the top-level package, the one that comes with the most heartfelt support, guidance & accountability. To me, this represents you being TRULY READY to transform your life. Congratulations! You are amazing!! 

Let's do this girl!

Here are you two options;


One-Time Payment

As an added BONUS for diving in deep & investing in yourself all at once, you will be gifted a Deep Dive 90 minute 1on1 intuitive coaching session with Deanna before the program begins to get your mindset fully focused & prepared for your internal & external GROWTH!


Monthly Payments

I get that sometimes monthly payments are much easier for the bookkeeping & budgeting side of things, so of course this is an option for you!! The link below will take you to a PayPal page where you can set up your recurring payment for the next 3 months of absolute BLISS!