Key Principle #2

Femme Fatale


This video is for your eyes only. Please do not share with your children, partner or friends.

Femme Fatale ~ It’s time to embody your Feminine Goddess & welcome in the sexy & sensual vibes! You’ve spoken and I heard you. You crave to feel sexy WITHOUT feeling guilty. Here is your permission my dear. The time is now.

To feel sexy is to feel FULLY EXPRESSED in your body, mind and spirit. This means you take time to own who you are and honour yourself as a beautiful, intelligent and powerful Goddess. In doing so you’ll allow for more intimacy in your relationships, more trust within yourself, and the ability to be an authentic role model for those in your life.

When we’re embodied in our Femme Fatale, in our natural Goddess state, we have more STRENGTH and POWER. We believe in ourselves, we have more confidence, we speak with truth and our positive influence is more impactful. Without being embodied, we may come across as “wishy-washy”, a pushover, too soft, insecure, fearful or disengaged. <~ aka NOT a Goddess

I invite you to activate that creative life force energy that flows within you by allowing your body to move/dance/shimmy in a way that feels fluid, feminine and beautiful. There is no “right” here, it simply is an expression of your Self!

You are a magnificent human being


This Week’s Soul Work:

Write down 10 things/experiences that your inner Goddess would say YES to. Ideally these will allow you to embody your Goddess within, feel fully expressed, and own your inner magnificence!
ex: wear no makeup while going out to the store & OWNING IT!
ex: wearing full makeup while going out to the store & OWNING IT!
ex: having a bubble bath with candles & wine on a Tuesday night
ex: asking for a promotion at work with complete confidence & strength & ownership
ex: wearing something sexy for your partner, planning a sexy weekend away, reading an erotic book

Choose 3 from your list of 10 and create a plan to accomplish these in the next few weeks (ideally at least one this week).

Share your 3 (or 10) with us in the Facebook Group so we can celebrate and support you on this Femme Fatale journey.