Key Principle #3

Soulful Manifestation


You are already an expert manifester. As am I, as is everyone in this world. The thing is, we’ve been manifesting UN-consciously. We manifest these repeat situations in our lives because we haven’t learned our lesson yet. Now is the time to create awareness through our Observer Mindset & Embodied in our Feminine so we can begin to manifest consciously!

Two Steps to Soulful Manifestation ~

1. You must align with the vibrational quality of what it is that you’re calling in to manifest ~ when your physical sensations align with the energetic vibration of what you’re calling in ~ feel it, envision it, taste it, know it to be true
ex: you are so comfortable and familiar with the vibration you live in now, that’s why these patterns keep being re-manifested in different people & situations, until you create awareness & change your vibration

2. You have to believe it will come true. You have to surrender into trusting that the Universe IS conspiring FOR you, even if things are showing up in a way that doesn’t yet make sense


This Week’s Soul Work:

Come up with three things you’d like to manifest; two small, one big, and get to work practicing your manifesting skills. Sit with and feel what it would be like to have these goals come to fruition.

Small ex: $20, someone taking you for lunch, a phone call from an old friend, a compliment on how you look, a sign or symbol (mine are rainbows & white feathers)

Big ex: something that when it comes true, you’ll be able to KNOW & TRUST that this is an actual science ~ something exciting and fun

Share your goals in the group so you can connect energetically with what you’re calling in.