Key Principle #4

Uncover Your Brilliance


Each and every one of us has this incredible gift inside of us. This beautiful value and worth show up naturally within who you are and how you choose to interact with life. Its when your mind, your body and your spirit are all working in unison. It is unique and perfect and it NEEDS to be shared with the world.

It could be a big, bold boisterous action that brings people together, to peace, to love… or maybe it’s a soft, subtle, energetic shift you create within groups or individual. Maybe it’s your ability to listen with an open-heart, or perhaps it’s your gift of being able to problem solve. Your Brilliance can be ANYTHING and is often not what we expect or anticipate.

Use your soul work this week to explore what your Brilliance could be with zero attachment to what it needs to be.


This Week’s Soul Work:

Journal on these questions to begin discovering your Brilliance!

~ If I could do anything every single day, what would it be?
~ When or where in my life do I feel the most valuable?
~ What are my top 10 awesome traits?
~ What is it about me that people love?

Start a mind-map about your areas of genius, brilliance and expertise. I recommend you make a few calls to those that you love and trust and ask them what is so wonderful about you and why they love you. This creates powerful insight from the external world of how you are perceived in your Brilliance.

Share your goals in the group so you can connect energetically with what you’re calling in.