Key Principle #6

Living A Sensual Life


Sensuality is often so deeply connected to sexuality - but not here. This principle is all about tapping into your senses to experience life more fully, more deeply, more beautifully. The goal of this principle is for you to begin living a present, powerful, connected and vibrational life. When you tap into your sensuality, you awaken your ability to feel the depth of the current moment, creating personal empowerment, connection, purpose and fulfilment.

This technique is really powerful at bringing you into the present moment, which helps relieve anxiety, fear, discomfort and insecurities. It can also be practiced during meditation - using your mind to tap into all your senses and sit in your observer mindset, witnessing and observing what you sense.


This Week’s Soul Work:

~ Choose one day this week, and for half of that day, you are going to consciously tap into the sensuality of your life. You will feel yourself engaging in all your daily activities - eating, working, playing, conversing - alllll the things

~ Record all the little moments of sensuality you feel throughout the day.

~ Share a post or facebook live video in our group outlining how this sensuality experience felt for you.

Now try it again - choose another day and make a conscious choice to tap into your sensuality

Share your experience with this in the Facebook Group so we can celebrate and support you in practicing this concept.