The Empowered Woman Series

Registration is now CLOSED & will re-open on January 3rd, 2019
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In this self-study program I teach you the six key principles to Awaken your Feminine Strength.

The program will officially run with LIVE coaching from me on January 16th, 2019 for 6 weeks. We will cover these concepts;

  • Ego vs. Observer

  • Femme Fatale

  • Soulful Manifestation

  • Uncover Your Brilliance

  • Luxuriously Well-Thy

  • Living A Sensual Life

Each week you will receive an email with a key principle that includes:

  • a principle teaching video with ME! 🤩

  • SOULwork to connect these concepts to your personal life

  • a LIVE Q&A in our private FB group

  • a discussion thread in our private FB group

  • && bonus materials to deepen your understanding of each principle

    {ex. at-home Light & Love Yoga class, guided mediation, guided visualization, etc}

You will also receive LIVE INTUITIVE COACHING with me in our private FB group.

You will be connected to women around the world who are also finding their inner EMPOWERED WOMAN!

On top of that you will have LIFETIME ACCESS to these teachings for those days down the road when you need a reset and want to dive back into your feminine awakening.


Choose to be a VIP & receive a 1:1 intuitive coaching session with ME! 🤩. You will let go of self-sabotage patterns, acknowledge energetic blocks & begin to deeply embody your feminine wisdom. The VIP option is for you if you are ready to step into this empowered phase of your life RIGHT NOW. You have been feeling lost, stuck & stagnant and are TIRED of waiting for it to pass. You consider yourself coachable, open to new ideas and are ready to feel deeply CONFIDENT! If this is you, choose the EMPOWERED VIP below!