Key Principle #1

Ego vs. Observer


What is the Ego Mindset ~ concept that humans have constructed in our minds that is there to keep us contracted, small, and safe (in some situations) but generally keep us from expanding, growing & evolving. You may experience feelings of unjust, fear, anger, discontentment, self-defeat, judgement, victim mindset, “I’m right, you’re wrong”, “I’m not good enough”

What is the Observer Mindset ~ your place of non-attachment, non-reactivity, your true self & connection to the Divine (God). Here you experience feelings of patience, love, compassion, acceptance, joy, contentment, balance, bliss, peace within amongst the chaos externally

Meditation is the art of creating a space between your egoic thoughts. When you use this tool you can begin to interact with your Observer mindset. This is where you can begin to witness (without judgement) the patterns your personality plays out in different situations to cause you emotional harm.

When you feel the constrictive sensations of Ego taking over, use all the tools you have; nostril breathing techniques, EFT Tapping, energy release, to come into the present moment, release your attachment to the Ego and step into the Observer mindset.
Hint: this takes practice, so don’t feel discouraged if it takes some time to master this

Questions to ask:

If I could change my reaction here, what would I change it to?
If I could change the outcome of this situation, what is my desired outcome?
If I want this person to respond differently than they normally do in this situation, how can I adjust me, my actions and my energy in order to create an environment conducive to this change?


This Week’s Soul Work:

For 3 days, each day at the same time, record two columns in your journal; Ego & Observer.

Record examples in each corresponding column of when you were in your Ego mindset and your Observer mindset throughout the day. While doing this exercise, be sure to practice being in your Observer mindset, witnessing your experience of the day with no judgement, just observing. It’s okay if you start with all things in the Ego column and none in the Observer, this is your first step to observing yourself!

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