~ Will I be travelling alone?

Yes, unless you decide to come with a friend to the retreat. There will be opportunity for you to meet some of the retreat attendees prior to travelling, in which case you may choose flights together. I will be at the retreat centre prior to your arrival prepping the space.

~ Do I need travel insurance?

Absolutely. It is HIGHLY recommended that you purchase travel insurance. You can do so through your bank, your insurance company; if you're unsure please consult with our wonderful travel agent; Anna Crosby. 

~ What should I bring?

Prior to travelling I will be sharing with you a "what to pack" list to help you become prepared for your travels. Costa Rica is hot & humid, so lots of loose clothing is ideal. Once you have registered as an attendee, you and I can chat about what you will need to bring. 

~ What is the cancellation policy?

Please read it here.

~ Can I come early or stay late?

Absolutely. You are welcome to extend your time in Costa as long as you like. Simply consult with myself & Anna around your ideal travel plans and we'll help you figure out what is best. 

~ Are we near a beach?

We are a 10 minute walk to an amazing beach. You are welcome to visit the beach anytime during your free time, or when we decide to go together as a group. We may decide to do sunrise or sunset yoga on the beach a few days, this will be decided as a group.

~ Will there be bugs?

Yes. I will be sharing more with you about how to protect yourself and feel comfortable in the rustic setting closer to. 

~ Is travel included?

You are responsible for purchasing your flights to and from San Jose, Costa Rica. There will be one vehicle arranged to transport you to and from the San Jose airport, however if come early or stay late, you will be responsible for your own travel arrangements to and from the airport. All excursions, including transport and fees, are included in your retreat package.

~ I have food allergies...can you accommodate?

Absolutely. Please inform me ahead of time so I can arrange details with Finca Fruition. 

~ I have limited physical capabilities...can you accommodate?

Yes, but let’s chat about what they are to ensure you’ll receive the most empowering experience from this retreat!

~ Is Costa Rica safe?

Absolutely! I spent two weeks there in 2018 and felt completely safe. Costa Ricians are incredibly kind people.

~ Do I need to bring bedding?

No. Bedding will be provided by Tierra de Suenos.

~ Is my deposit refundable?

No your deposit if nonrefundable. For other questions relating to money, read through the Terms & Conditions here.

~ Will I have time to myself?

Every day we will have a few hours carved out in the afternoon (right after lunch) for solo private time. As a retreat leader and an empath, this is incredibly important for me to have adequate quiet, solo time to ensure I can continue to support the group. It is just as important for you to have adequate time to rest, relax, read, rejuvenate and soak in the work we are doing each day. During this solo time you are welcome to explore the jungle, visit the beach, nap in a hammock, or anything else you desire. 

 If you are the type who prefers more time alone than not, I recommend you opt out of the 3 excursions as those will be done during this afternoon down time. If this is a concern, let's have a chat about what will support you most. 

~ Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely. It would be best for the two of you to register together and book your flights together through our amazing travel agent; Anna Crosby. That way you can ensure you're travelling together. Ask me about a group discount!

~ Will there be alcohol on this retreat?

No. There will be no alcohol on this retreat. 

~ Will there be wifi?

Yes there is wifi at Tierra de Suenos in the common kitchen area. However; you are asked to have your cellphone on airplane mode while we are in group session together throughout the day. You are welcome to take photos and videos and post them to social media on your free time, but in order to keep you present to the experience, please respect the request of no wifi connection during group sessions. If you are concerned about being in touch with family members or your business while you're away, I recommend you use an app like Whatsapp for texting and voice calls. It's free.

~ I can't attend this one. Will there be more retreats like this? 

Yes! There will be more retreats similar to this one, but each one is unique. The one you are drawn to most is the one that is intuitively right for you. Schedules can change, go with your gut instinct.