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Deanna Deacon teaches SUSTAINABLE FULFILMENT, PROSPERITY & SUCCESS for purpose-driven & influential women.

Labelled the Spiritual Personal Trainer with a Modern Goddess Twist, Deanna Deacon is recognized for her ability to take an audience from gut-aching laughter to deep emotional release as they find their intuitive feminine truth, often for the first time.

There are not enough strong, purpose-drive women holding high-influence positions in their companies that are TAPPED IN to their feminine intuition and wisdom. The majority are so disconnected from their feminine selves that they are experiencing physical & emotional break down:
* insomnia
* lack of sex drive
* higher than normal anxiety
* infertility
* sudden fear of the future
* feeling apathetic towards achieving goals that used to motivate them

These women, if nothing were to change, are en route to complete burn out, loss of influence & power and physical breakdown, among many other side effects of energetic imbalance.

Deanna’s mission is to IGNITE, INSPIRE & AWAKEN these women to realize their feminine wisdom IS NOT THE ENEMY. They are able to maintain their success while creating SUSTAINABLE levels of prosperity & growth.


Deanna’s Top 3 Speeches are:

Sustainable Success & Inner Fulfilment; the missing link they never taught you
The average purpose-driven & influential woman has built her lifestyle using mental strength & willpower. But this empire she has built is teetering on a crumbling foundation ~ it's not sustainable!

In this talk, guests learn simple tools to lead from their internal wisdom without compromising their desire for prosperity, status and influence.

Living True to your Divine Purpose
Building a business empire is an incredible feat - but what happens when you rise to the top and realize; this isn’t everything I thought I wanted? Why have I worked so hard to achieve something that now means nothing to me? What WILL bring me happiness?

In this talk, guests learn how to access their individual purpose within and how to bridge the gap from how they are leading & working now, to how they can integrate their divine purpose into every facet of their life.

The Feminine Approach; Success Prosperity & Personal Growth
For decades we’ve been running business with our masculine energy, ignoring the feminine wisdom that exists within, in order to “get it done”. This outdated technique is no longer working for highly-influential women in business…something’s gotta give.

In this talk, guests learn how to balance both their masculine & feminine energies to create sustainable business & personal practices that lead to deeper prosperity and fulfilling personal growth.

Watch Deanna in Action:
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