I am so excited that you’re here!
Applying to join the Intuitive Influencers Mastery Program. 

I have been energetically calling you in for MONTHS! We’ve already spent time in circle together, where you; embodied as your Highest Self, told me your fears, your needs & your deepest desires. I listened with my whole heart. And thus, the Intuitive Influencers program was manifested. 

As you answer the questions below, do your best to stay in your heart space. If you find yourself stepping back into your ego mind, pause, take a deep breath, and come back to your heart. These questions are designed as the first activation piece of this program. They may bring up fears, insecurities and doubt. I designed it that way!

I invite you to simply witness these fears, drop back into your heart space and continue moving forward.
Once I receive your application, I’ll be in touch for a call. 


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