You are a healer, an intuitive, an empath and a leader 

You are on a mission to spread healing love across the globe, through your words, your hands, your energy. 

You have dedicated your life to supporting human evolution through intuitive healing practices

And Yet…


🔮 you don’t have the consistent income you know you should have

🔮 your belief in your impact on others is externally influenced; you need to be TOLD you did a good job

🔮 you struggle to express WHAT it is that you DO, to yourself and others

🔮 you feel in your heart that you’re meant for more…but don’t know what that means or how to find it

🔮 you’re always in the role of “teacher” or “influencer” and it’s exhausting

🔮 the thought of receiving money, clients & opportunities with EASE excites you

🔮 you feel happy about your work life, but other areas of your life are suffering; relationships, physical health, self expression

🔮 you KNOW you’re being called to a deeper spiritual path, but aren’t clear on HOW or WHERE to begin

🔮 you’re ready to commit yourself to a deeper level of support; energetically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually

If this ^^ is you, keep reading, because you’re mind is about to be blown open with possibility!!


  I am a woman of power. 

A woman who decides her own fate. 

Simply by choosing each moment in her life. 

I have faults, and challenges, and upsets. But they do not define me.

I define me. 

I define the lines that create my body. 

I define the values with which I possess. 

I define my worth, my offering, my being of service. 

I define this through my thoughts, through my words, through my showing up for myself. 

I am a woman of power. 

 There are three key principles that you’re missing in order for you to attain all that you are asking  for with ease and grace. 

  1. Miracle Mindset 

  2. Energetic Container 

  3. Sacred Release


Miracle Mindset ~ this simple and profound technique teaches you to shift yourself from a negative sense of self to a mindset of possibility, prosperity and love. It can be used in every situation that the material world presents you with to assist you to returning to love. The miracle mindset is where you are aligned with the creative energy of the Universe and all that you need simply flows to you with ease and grace, serving your personal evolution and in turn the evolution of humanity. I teach you exactly how to use this technique and how you can then teach it to your clients, your family, the world. 


Energetic Container ~ this is a space of sacred support to hold you as you deepen your connection to yourself, your gifts as a healer and your belief in yourself as a woman of wealth. This energetic container is like a beautiful bubble of white healing light from the divine that accepts, protects and strengthens you in every moment. When you commit to stepping into this container you are surrendering yourself to the guidance of Universal Consciousness, allowing intuitive guidance to flow freely, all situations to be seen through the eyes of love and manifesting the most beautiful experiences of abundance, prosperity and joy. I hold and guide this container for you as you surrender into your cocoon of ascension. 


Sacred Release ~ this the practice of non-attachment. As human beings we have become accustomed to creating with the expectation of a desired outcome. This limits the Universe’s ability to deliver the most powerful and healing experience possible. When we use our thoughts to dictate what outcome we believe will serve us and others, we are claiming that we are wiser than Universal Consciousness. Our thoughts; limited by our own perceptions and beliefs, literally block the manifestation of a higher potential than we can even imagine. By practicing sacred release we surrender ourselves to the grace of God and welcome in situations that are designed to serve the greatest good of all. I show you how to activate this principle in all areas of your life while holding you to that big, bold, beautiful vision you have of healing the world with your gifts. 


When all 3 of these principles are activated & practiced…you are in PERFECT ENERGETIC ALIGNMENT for all that you desire to manifest in physical form with ease and grace. Money, opportunities, deep love, belief in yourself, travel & adventure, partnerships, physical health, alllll the things.  

However; if one or more of these principles are misaligned, you are creating a disconnect from your manifesting power with Universal Consciousness. The Universe is ALWAYS conspiring to support and serve the greatest good for you (and me, and all of humanity). The key is to realize that it’s not about “fixing” something about you now, it’s about REALIZING your potential and power. 

That’s the key focus of my
Intuitive Influencers Mastery Program

I hold you in sacred space for 6 months where you get to REALIZE your gifts, your potential and your strength.

You get to cocoon yourself in the depths of this container while you shift and reset your internal belief systems and eventually come to unveil yourself as the beautiful, powerful, influential healing butterfly that you are deep inside. 

This program begins with an in-person retreat where we will sit in ceremony and actualize this energetic container. You will learn to call in opportunities to utilize your natural gifts and serve the world to your greatest ability.

You experience three sessions per month to teach you these principles, guide you through discussion & alchemy, hold you accountable to your Highest Self and activate your new spiritual practices.

If you can feel the excitement and sensation buzzing in your body as you read through this, I invite you to acknowledge this.
This is your intuition guiding you to what you are already aligned with.

Witness this.
Celebrate this.
Honour this.

2018-05-11 23.45.18.jpg


 I am accepting 7 beautiful souls into this Intuitive Influencers program beginning in March 2019.

Take a deep breath
Drop into your heart space
& ask yourself these questions

🔮 Am I ready to value my spiritual ascension?
🔮 Am I ready to commit my energy, time & finances?
🔮 Am I ready to realize myself as a true Healer & Influencer?

If you are a YES to the above questions, click the button below & begin your journey of ascension. 

Applications will be accepted until Feb28th or program is full.
After your application is received, I will reach out to schedule a connection call.


Dear God, I desire to know that the work I am doing is having the most positive and powerful impact it can, and that it brings me GREAT SUCCESS and a deep sense of PURPOSE and FULFILMENT. I want the actions I take to MATTER. I want to make a DIFFERENCE. 

Included in the Mastery Program:

🌸 6 day in-person retreat to actualize this energetic container, deepen our connection in physical and spiritual form, set your soulful intentions for this experience and welcome you powerfully into this sacred space

🌸 6x teaching calls ~ 90 minutes

🌸 6x manifestation calls ~ 90 minutes 

🌸 6x 1:1 personal coaching sessions ~ 60 minutes 

🌸 3x energetic healing sessions 

🌸 all-access pass to Mountain Spirit Festival ~ June 21 at Sun Peaks, BC

🌸 all-access pass to Empowered Woman Conference ~ Nov 1 at Harrison Hot Springs, BC

🌸 unlimited access to a shared healing space with your Intuitive Sisters to share, discuss, witness & celebrate each other

🌸 unlimited access to online coaching with me for personal and professional support; through email & FB messenger


Power-Activating Bonuses Just For You:

❤️ Light Sourcing Meditation ~ use daily to connect back to Universal Consciousness, Mother Gaia & creation power within

❤️ Heart-Opening Yoga Practice ~ to open your heart chakra energy centre & begin magnetizing what you desire to you

❤️ A new guided meditation each month ~ these will be created intuitively to best serve you & your sisters 

❤️ Two required readings sent right to your door or kindle: Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell & The Law of Divine Compensation by Marianne Williamson

❤️ The Empowered Woman Series ~ a video series teaching you the 6 key principles required to embody an Empowered Woman 

❤️ Essential Oils for Empaths E-book ~ a guide teaching you how to use therapeutic essential oils to support you energetically, emotionally and physically every day

❤️ Soul Visioning Workbook ~ to align yourself with the vibration of what you are calling in from the Universe

❤️ Sacred Full Moon Ceremony ~ a guided meditation & visualization to surrender your fears & doubts and call in your dreams & desires 

Applications will be accepted until Feb28th or program is full.
After your application is received, I will reach out to schedule a connection call.


 Are you ready to release:


∆ ~ FEAR of not being seen as an expert, leader or healer
∆ ~ CONFUSION around sharing your message, your gifts, your offering
∆ ~ PRESSURE on yourself to constantly create, produce & deliver
∆ ~ JEALOUSY of other women when you see them rise & wish it was you
∆ ~ QUESTIONING if you are making a difference to others
∆ ~ INSECURITY that maybe you’re not following your intuition correctly & it’s all about to 💥BREAKDOWN💥
∆ ~ LACK MENTALITY & the Starving Healer Archetype

And welcome in:


* ~ BELIEF in yourself as a Healer & Leader
* ~ TRUST in your own creative process
* ~ CLARITY on who you serve & how you serve them
* ~ CONFIDENCE in offering your gifts to others
* ~ 6 FIGURES based on heart-centred, authentic and soul-focused morales & values
* ~ LUXURIOUS daytime baths, meditation retreats & holistic spa treatments
* ~ INTENTIONAL guided action that comes from within
* ~ APPRECIATION for the challenges that pushed you to where you are now

This 6-month immersion will take you to new depths of your healing gifts, teach you how to call in the level of support you require, surround you with an energetic and telepathic sisterhood of support and allow you to finally embrace yourself as a TRUE HEALER!

Applications will be accepted until Feb28th or program is full.
After your application is received, I will reach out to schedule a connection call.



 The Intuitive Influencers Mastery Program is for you if:

  • you offer a healing service such as energy healing, hands-on healing, coaching, intuitive services,  etc

  • you have an established business but are not experiencing the level of success and fulfilment you desire 

  • you strive to have a more abundant practice that may include more money, more freedom, more fun

  • you desire to marry spiritual exploration with personal development and business practices 

  • to you it’s about building authentic relationships over making fast sales & quick cash

  • you’ve worked with a coach before; whether it’s personal, business or another focus

  • you are ready to commit to a level of support that has previously felt out of your comfort zone

  • you feel the intuitive call from within to step deeper into your spiritual journey 

  • you’re ready to commit energetically, emotionally, financially and spiritually. 

If you see yourself in the statements above, the time is now my love.
I invite you to click the button below & apply!

Applications will be accepted until Feb28th or program is full.
After your application is received, I will reach out to schedule a connection call.


Hi my love, if we haven’t met before, I’m Deanna. 

I am honoured to say that I am a Spiritual Mentor, an Intuitive Life Coach, an International Retreat host and a Reiki energy healer. I have a Marketing Degree from UNBC and spent most of my 20’s working for community-minded organizations in customer-relations and as an event producer. When I realized that the corporate world wasn’t conducive to my empathic and highly sensitive tendencies, I picked up and moved to New Zealand where my spiritual journey truly began. When I came home to Canada, I began my own business as a holistic marketing contractor and eventually took the leap into Life Coaching. I have been running my own online coaching practice for the past four years and am honoured to support you as you dive deeper into your ability to bring healing love to this world. 

If you have any questions about this program send me an email & let’s chat.
Or, find me on Facebook: Deanna Deacon Coaching and send me a message there.