The Goddess Experience

An Intimate 1:1 Coaching Partnership
for Divine Feminine Empowerment


Girl, this is THE PROGRAM for you as a
goal-crushing woman
seeking balance, femininity & softness
without losing your Fierceness, Determination & Success.


You see yourself leading the masses, inspiring the people, earning 6+ figures and doing a damn good job at it all!

You see you in the picture perfect relationship, wearing incredible dresses that represent your strength & femininity and are an inspiration to other women to truly honour oneself as a woman of power.

You want Success.
You want Growth.
You want Love.
You want it ALL!

Of course you do!
You’re a woman of your word and what you say goes!


why is it that you’re harbouring a secret guilt of not feeling fulfilled, satisfied or purposeful in life...and it's beginning to



My love, I’ve spent the past 5 years coaching women just like you to embody their feminine, transform their intimate relationships & create incredible business growth while upholding the spiritual principles of ease, peace & manifestation.

Is it your time to SHINE?


Praise for
The Goddess Experience

Deanna has this amazing ability to cut through the noise of everyday life and allow you to help connect with what really matters. She is warm, genuine and truly wants to hold space for you to discover your inner feminine beauty and power. I have noticed shifts in myself that allow me to connect with other women, my husband, my kids and my business on a completely different level. She is amazing! ♥
— Kelsie Davis; Sipologist, Entrepreneur & Full-Time Mama

Dayna Lisa; Content Creator & Online Business Guru

Deanna brings that warm, endearing energy that allows you to sink into your heart centred self to really dig up what’s important to you! Her ability to lead from a heart felt space is truly a gift.
— Taylor McArthur; Creative Woman finding her life's passion & purpose

Here’s what I’ve learned in my years of coaching powerhouse women;

Your drive, willpower & body have been slowly breaking down by living a fraudulent life in a predominantly masculine world.

You’ve been pushing and forcing your way into success, meeting ALL the expectations of the masculine workforce, keeping yourself and your family afloat, all while your body has been quietly suffering alongside you.

You know those nagging little aches & pains, discomforts & upsets you feel regularly that often get pushed aside or covered with another cup of coffee, a few ibuprofens or a big glass of vino… those are actually your TICKET to finding the sense of purpose & happiness you so desperately crave.


I know because I spent the majority of my life ignoring the whispers of my body and it almost cost me my husband, my family, my sanity!



That’s Why You’re Here:

You’ve managed to tick off all the boxes on your Life To-Do list, you’ve climbed the success ladder with your career, you’ve found the partner of your dreams, you’ve got the house, the car, even the kids (yes fur babies count!) but it’s …. still…. not…. ENOUGH!!

Girrrrrl, I get it, I’ve been there! 
Over and over and over!

After the deep physical & emotional struggles I've been through (read about it here) I believe that if each woman was to reconnect to her own intuitive wisdom & guidance, this world will become a peaceful, harmonious and blissful place.

Because let's face it, we all know that women are the decision-makers, the influencers, the mamas AND the future of this world’s leadership. (Even the Dalai Lama thinks so!)


My Speciality ...

Activating Divine Feminine Empowerment
in strong, powerhouse women!

Why? Because I too was trying so hard to fit into this world of money, fame & success, only to realize that with every new accomplishment I achieved, I felt more and more ALONE.

I had all the things, and NO HAPPINESS. It took extreme stomach pain, diarrhea, vomiting, exhaustion, chronic head colds and drastic weight loss to finally WAKE THE F*** UP. 

I was finally forced to see myself as a truly Holistic Being & witness the STRENGTH in my femininity.
And now…


I’m a Spiritual Personal Trainer with a Modern Goddess Twist

and my mission in life is to AWAKEN THE DIVINE FEMININE IN ALL!

My life is an ongoing journey of personal development, deep meaningful experiences and my impact on the world has never been or felt greater! I am madly in love with my world-wide adventures with my husband, am possibly the world’s most proud fur-mama and feel the healthiest and sexiest I’ve ever felt in my LIFE!

By unleashing my own inner Goddess, I’ve tapped into my unlimited supply of creativity & easeful productivity, I know how to honour my feminine wisdom and I am a manifesting MACHINE!

Sound amazing?
Yup, it is!
Now let’s get you HERE!!

My experience with Deanna has totally changed my mindset. It has brought out my calm and peaceful side. Deanna is a wonderful support with a warm caring energy that inspires me to be the best version of myself for this beautiful world. My husband’s words sum up the value of my sessions perfectly, “it is the best money I have ever spent.” I’m happier, he’s happier because of that and our pets are happy too! Thank you Deanna!

Madison Desjarlais; Holistic Birth Coach & Yoga Teacher, was so inspired by our work together that she pulled over on the side of the road to share her thoughts, feelings and beliefs.


How it works...


Body Map

By entering a space of sacred partnership with me, you will begin to know & trust your body as an intuitive messenger & map. You will have powerful conversations with yourself around joy, fear, passion, sex, love, body, intuition, the past and your own innate power. You will uncover stories you created in the past that are keeping you stuck, release these and begin to create space for your new way of being.




With this connection of body, mind, emotions & spirit, you will activate your Shakti energy; your intuitive feminine flow, which will bring you creativity, productivity, passion, purpose, desire, sensuality, and fluidity. This can show up as working out hard & loving it, having the best sex ever, achieving immense growth in your business, receiving more money, finally exploring those European countries you’ve been eyeing up on Pinterest, creating a whole new wardrobe that truly reflects who you are and makes you feel SEXY, and an overwhelming sense of joy. 




From uncovering your body’s messages and activating your intuitive connection, you will have created so much space to live authentically as exactly who you are at your core. You will adorn your being with a sense of peace, calm and compassion, that radiates out to every being that you touch. THIS is what a truly empowered GODDESS looks like. The type of woman that people want to be around, that people flock to, without even knowing why. The woman that can silence a room when she walks in, can make her opinion known without raising her voice, and can influence an entire community of people by simply stating her thoughts. 


THIS woman is calling out to you. 

THIS woman is tired of laying dormant within you. 

THIS woman IS YOU! 


From this place you will...

  • feel confident to ask for what you WANT & NEED in life, without fear & guilt

  • trust your intuitive guidance to make the right decisions & choices

  • be a strong, powerful & soulful woman who is confident in herself

  • courageously let go of relationships/situations that are not serving you

  • feel deeply connected to your beautiful, feminine body

  • trust your “toolbox” of self-care techniques to support you in ANY situation

  • CHOOSE how you show up in your life through relationships

  • wake up with a soul-filling view every day and feel completely satisfied