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As an Intuitive Life Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Yoga & Ecstatic Dance Teacher, Retreat Host AND Inspirational Speaker, I have years of experience holding space for women to uncover their true essence.

I have hosted countless workshops, both in-person and online.
I have hosted multiple styles of weekend and week-long retreats.
I have coached hundreds of women to rediscover their worth, value & intuition.
I have invested well over $40,000 into my ability to serve

If you’re feeling drawn to my energy, trust that it is your intuition guiding you. Reach out to me in whichever of my services calls to you below.

The Goddess Experience
1:1 Coaching

Embody the inner goddess that lives dormant within your soul and show up as a confident, powerful, soulfully connected and courageous woman

You've found great success in your career, relationships & finances...and yet...there's something missing. It's as if there's this core element of YOU that has yet to be discovered & you have no idea where to begin.

Uncovering THAT is my speciality! I call it Divine Feminine Empowerment. Let’s uncover your sweet spot together!

The Empowered Woman Series

This online training series is a collection of six key principles that every woman needs in order to live connected to her feminine wisdom & strength

These principles are delivered via training video & include a deeply supportive Facebook Community. Learn, practice and master these principles alongside women around the globe stepping into their Empowered Woman phase of life.

Empowered Leader Mentorship

Maximizing your impact by tapping into your intuitive wisdom & learning the art of conscious leadership

Each of us are leaders in our own lives - but we're constantly waiting for someone else to tell us we're good enough, show us the next step and claim our strength for us. This constant seeking is leading to mass amounts of burnout, fatigue and emotional breakdown.  

Learn to become an EXPERT in balancing your own LIFE in order to live more deeply in service of others.


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